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Our range of milk powders includes all types of Spray Dried and Roller dried powders through to whey derivatives and proteins. All milk powders offer excellent sources of nutrition and functionality. Depending on your requirements, we can supply milk powders to offer a range of different key properties, to meet customer need. These can include flowability, dispersibility, improved wettability and other specification options. The CMP team is always on-hand to discuss your products and applications. All of our Dairy Ingredient powders are sourced from certificated UK and EU approved Dairy processing sites and available in, typically 25kg and Bulk bag packaging formats.

Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)
Medium Heat, Low Heat, High Heat, Heat Stable, Organic Semi Instant, Vitaminized, 26% vegetable fat filled.

Multiple applications
Full Cream milk powder (FCMP/WMP)
Spray Dried26 or 28% fatChocolate, Soups & Sauces
Roller DriedHigh fat free content and caramelised flavourChocolate, Ethnic Sweets
Milk Proteins
Acid CaseinCasein precipitated with mineral acids. Range of mesh sizesBeverage Whiteners
Rennet CaseinCasein precipitated via lactic fermentation / rennet enzymeProcessed Cheese
Sodium CaseinateNeutralised Casein to confer solubilityNutritional products/Cream Liqueurs
Milk Protein Caseinate (MPC)Milk protein from Ultrafiltration of Slimmed milk, milky flavourNutrition
Milk Protein Isolate (MPI)As MPC but 85% plus protein contentNutrition
Micellar CaseinSelectively ultra filtered CaseinSports Nutrition
LactoseRefined low sweetness Carbohydrate refined from Cheese Whey Beverages, Nutrition, Tablets, Vending, Confectionery, Protein standardisation
Buttermilk PowderRich flavoured milk powder, derived from Butter manufacture.Bakery
Whey and Whey Protein Powders
Whey PowderUniversal food ingredient, derived from either Cheese or Casein manufactureUniversal
Whey Permeate powderObtained from removal of protein in Whey. Non hygroscopic and free flowing.
Beverages, Confectionery, Savoury
Whey protein concentrate – WPCObtained from Ultrafiltration of whey and drying to concentrate protein to 35% SMP replacer in many formulations
Whey protein concentrate – WPCProtein concentrated to 80% Instant and non Instant optionsSports Nutrition
Whey protein Isolate (WPI)
Obtained from Ultrafiltration of whey and drying to concentrate protein to 85 plus % Sports Nutrition
Cheese powderCheese is heated, emulsified and spray dried to give a highly flavoured powder. Various Cheese sources available.Snacks, Bakery, Biscuits
Yogurt powderSpray dried yogurt type formulations of varying Ph and flavour profile
Coatings, Snacks
Cream powder42 or 72 % fat
Sauces & Soups
Specialist products, powder blends and formulationsAvailable on request
Fat Filled PowdersSkimmed milk or Whey with added Vegetable Fat
Various Food / Feed applications

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