Butter /
Yellow Fats


We supply Yellow fats to many food manufacturers in the UK and Europe. They are vital ingredients for many products and some of the more common applications include cakes, laminated pastries, ice creams, sauces and soups. The flavour and performance of Butter against alternatives, makes it unique. County Milk Products is a leading supplier of Creamery butter, made from pasteurised fresh cream, which is then aged and churned. We use cream of the highest quality, sourced from certificated UK and EU approved Dairy processing sites and available in typically 25kg cartons. Delivery is from Chilled, Tempered or Frozen conditions – to customer requirements. AMF/Butteroil can be packed in pails, boxes or Bulk tankers. Ghee is packed in branded 500g,1kg, 2kg cans, or 25kg cartons.

Sweet Cream Butter

Churned from fresh cream in our processing facilities/EU approved suppliers - with/without typically salt addition.

Lactic Butter
Cultured butter made from milk, fermented with lactic acid producing starter bacteria, to give a mild but unique flavour.

Morning goods
Whey Butter Butter made from cream skimmed from cheese whey, having higher acidity and stronger flavour than sweet cream. Processed Cheese
LactoseRefined low sweetness Carbohydrate refined from Cheese Whey Beverages, Nutrition, Tablets, Vending, Confectionery, Protein standardisation
Anhydrous Milk Fat(AMF)
Further separation of butter fat from cream and moisture removal to give min 99.8% fat. Clean Dairy flavour.Ice Cream, Bakery
Made from Butter or Cream to give min 99.6% fat and Buttery notes.Confectionery
GheeMade from Cream / Butter, with possible addition of Ethyl Butyrate – to give stronger flavours.Ethnic cuisines

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