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Why Join CMP?

We do things differently at CMP and hence all contracts between us and the individual farmer are bespoke and tailored to that farmer’s needs. We do not agree with the “one size fits all” standard approach that exists in the dairy trade at present whereby farmers receive the same milk price adjusted for volume, fat, proteins etc. We respect that all farmers are different. Some are tenants and some are landowners. Hence farmers’ attitudes to risk and the desire to work the markets to their own benefit differ. We offer farmers exposure to the dairy markets that accords with their attitude to risk. We can offer farmers fixed priced contracts, contracts that track indices such as AMPE, contracts that track futures prices on the EEX exchange and contracts that allow milk to be sold spot for when milk demands and prices are at their strongest. We allow farmers to become the setters of their milk price not be the price takers. As such farmers who work with us can budget, can plan their expansions and can decide to invest with certainty. We can, by working together with farmers, take the volatility out of the milk price. This is essential given what has happened in the last few years with the removal of quotas and with further turmoil to come through from the Brexit repercussions and potential loss of the other support mechanisms the EU has brought to the dairy industry.

Grow with us

Whilst we’re proud to have retained our family-feel, we’ve grown large enough to guarantee operational and service excellence too. Along with our commitment to continued investment, we want our partners to succeed as well. Our farmers really are part of our extended family.

Come and Join Us,
We are recruiting farmers
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How can CMP do things differently?

We have a number of factories manufacturing a variety of dairy products that allow us to move milk around into the best paying dairy category on a day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year basis. We are volume buyers of milk but we deliberately avoid expanding the milk field beyond a manageable volume. The volumes we buy allows us to be flexible and not be tied into contracts that we would rather not sell into just to move the milk on. We can process all the milk we buy and we will process this milk or sell the milk on depending upon what will get the best return for the farmer. We are the most diversified dairy business in the UK outside of the multinationals and we are the largest family owned dairy business in the UK, with strong financials and a desire to work closely with farmers. With strong links to geographical milk fields across England &Wales we have developed a good geographical spread allowing us to service a variety of our own factories and customers. We can collect from anywhere and deliver to anywhere. We work tirelessly alongside our milk suppliers in order to build long term relationships.  All farmers we work with have close ties with us and by understanding what the farmer wants and the pressures they face we can work out a strategy for their milk that allows them to achieve what they want to achieve. It’s a win-win partnership between CMP and the farmer not the usual master and servant relationship.

Full Traceability

Here at County Milk Products we only work with Red Tractor assured, committed producers who deliver the highest quality milk and provide us with a strong and reliable platform for growth. As County Milk grows, so does our requirement for milk and need for producer partnerships.

Farmer Portal

If you are already a County Milk Producer, click the button HERE to access information relating to your Milk Supply. All you need is your Producer number, email address and password.

New potential farmer suppliers

For those who may be interested to supply their milk to CMP then call Mark France on +44 (0) 7867 356864 or feel free to call any member of the head office team on +44 (0) 1625 586177.

The best farming standards Environmental protection animal health and welfare Full traceability Food Safety

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For more information contact a member of our team
on +44 (0)1625 586177 or Email Us

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