Quality Assurance
from County Milk Products

Whilst we’re proud to have retained our family-feel, we’ve grown large enough to guarantee operational and service excellence too. Along with our commitment to continued investment, we want our partners to succeed as well. Our farmers really are part of our extended family.

Here at County Milk Products we only work with the very best farmers who deliver the highest quality produce. Being an industry leading, British, dairy company, our product range is strong and continues to grow. To carry on enhancing our range, whilst maintaining the high quality our customers have become used to, we choose the farmers we work with very carefully.

Red Tractor Standards

All brands within our Group share the same ethos for high quality.
In fact, County Milk Products has a carefully selected farmer group of circa 250 “Red Tractor Assured” milk producers.

What exactly does “Red Tractor Assured” mean? Put simply, Red Tractor is the largest food assurance scheme in the UK. It means you can trust that the products we supply meet rigorous standards.


Come and Join Us
We are recruiting

With strong links to geographical milk fields across England and Wales. CMP has developed long term relationships with dairy farmers. We work tirelessly alongside our milk suppliers and have grown partnerships both organically and through structured recruitment.

This dedication to building and growing relationships is something that benefits everyone. With County Milk contracts:

  • There are open discussions and a person at the end of the telephone.
  • We offer a Bespoke service that is not one size fits all.
  • There is flexibility, coupled with security.
  • Growth in demand from our processing investments and extensive Customer relationships.

Long term vertical integration strategy, allowing for re-investment on farm.

Full Traceability…

CMP has precise, detailed and robust traceability measures in place for all the dairy products we supply. From our state-of-the-art processing plants to the milk fields we collect from, full and exact traceability is of utmost importance to us. Linking with sustainability and product safety, here at CMP we go to great lengths to maintain the highest levels of quality assurance. We’re committed to ensuring our customers know the precise origins of the products we supply.

Using the best produce from our British farm partners ensures we’re able to deliver traceable, quality assured, dairy produce; from their farms to your doorstep. Whether you’re a sub-contractor, processor, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, you can trust County Milk Products for all your dairy supply needs.

The best farming standards
Environmental protection
animal health and welfare
Full traceability
Food Safety

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