County Milk Products
Introducing The New Website

The New County Milk Products Website Is Live!

Earlier this year we decided to invest in improving our online presence.
A new website was fundamental to this and having undergone a thorough design process, we’re pleased to be able to share our brand-new site with you today

Why The Need For A New Website?

As part of our continued growth strategy, it’s important that County Milk Products (CMP) stays at the forefront of the dairy industry. Keeping up-to-date with technological advancements is just one part of this. We understand that our customers are often out and about. That makes having a modern, mobile-friendly, responsive web design, important in terms of helping their online experience.

Key Features Of The New Site Include…

By splitting the site into five core sections our new website retains an easy to use navigation system. From the home page you can gain access to details about Who we are, Our products and Applications, Our Facilities and Partners and a section dedicated to the farmers we work with. You can explore everything our new website has to offer by clicking here.

Keep Checking Our News Page For the Latest Dairy Industry Developments

As well as exploring the dedicated news section on our brand-new website, we’d also encourage you to start following the County Milk Products business page on LinkedIn. Here, you’ll be able to keep fully up to speed on the latest developments within County Milk Products. We’ll also provide updates about our partners, the wider County Milk group and all the latest dairy industry news as well.

For more information contact a 
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